J’ai un amour particulier à apprendre aux gens à évoluer dans le domaine de l’image digitale. C'est pourquoi je me propose en tant que coach pour booster tes capacités pratiques en photographie et en Photoshop.

- You like photomanipulation and you’re making your first steps in photoshop ?
- You know the basics of Photoshop, and you’d like to improve your skills ?
-You take pictures of your own architectural projects and would like to have more charismatic photos to give your projects the value they deserves ?

I’m ready to help you for all your POST-PRODUCTION works, as well as for the basics of PHOTOGRAPHY to optimise your photos in a few steps.

The substance of my coaching service consists of offering the tools to QUIT THE « AMATEUR » ZONE and reach the point where the result MAKES A DIFFERENCE in your eyes and in the eyes of others.

After years of reading and experience, I learned the KEY principles that open the door to the « back stages » of a SUCCESSFUL image. They are the type of information that causes a real TRANSFORMATION in your result.
The good news is that I’m ready to share them with you !
You don’t have to pay me anything, just leave me your email address so that I can send them directly to you.
I synthesised these concepts for you into an easy to follow way, you will learn to develop the right way of thinking that will carry you to the next level. I will also share some tips and suggestions to help you in your work flow.
OK, so just send me your email address, I will contact you.